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Vento Aureo

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  • Vento Aureo Shirt

    This Vento Aureo Shirt is a must-have for all the JJBA fans about to binge the entire season of Jojo Part 7 !

    Vento Aureo also known as "Golden Wind" is the 7th part of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series where we follow Giorno Giovanna and his allies from Team Bucciarati like Leone Abbacchio, Pannacotta Fugo, Narancia Ghirga and Guido Mista on their quest to stop the Diavolo and his terrifying stand King Crimson !


    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Premium T-Shirt: This anime apparel is a premium edition of only the best designs of the JJBA anime series! 
    • Soft and comfortable: Made with premium materials such as Premium Modal Cotton and Polyester fibers, this T-Shirt is made to last and is very pleasant to wear
    • Breathable material: This product can be worn all seasons of the year without any inconvenience on your skin
    • Universal Sizing: This apparel fits perfectly to any women or men body

    • 3D High-Definition Design on the front

    • Machine washable at 30°C (86°F)

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    To choose a size, please refer to the size chart. This product sizes smaller than average EU/US sizes, therefore the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Team advises you to take a size 1 time larger than usual on this product 

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