Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Keychain
The World JoJo

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  • The World JoJo Keychain

    Decorate your keys, backpacks or pencil case with this beautiful The World JoJo Keychain!

    The World is the ultimate Stand of Dio Brando featured in Stardust Crusaders. This stand possesses Super Strength, Super Senses, Super Speed, Super Precision and can even use Time Stop !


    • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Keychain: This product has been designed for true JJBA fans !
    • Easy to transport, work great as a keychain or as decoration
    • Durable, resistant materials
    • Material: Zinc Alloy
    • Size: 3.7x3.7cm/4.0x2.7cm
    • weight: 27 g
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