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Strongest Stand in JoJo

There are a lot of Stands in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series, and along with that there’s multiple types of stands with different uses that could be either phenomenal, confusing, or ridiculously unfortunate.

But today, this article is about the JoJo strongest stand, and won't only just focus on the stands stats to analyse which one is the most powerful stand, but will also be mainly based around all the abilities of each stand and of each user as well.

The goal at the end of this article is to determine which one of the JJBA anime characters is the most powerful and has the strongest stand. Ready ? Here we go !

Starting from the 10th position, the Strongest Stand in JoJo is: 

10. Killer Queen Stand - Yoshikage Kira

Killer queen stand

When we talk about Killer Queen, the humanoid stand of Yoshikage Kira, we're talking about all its abilities, the simple bombs, Sheer Heart Attack and Bites the Dust.

It's no secret that Killer Queen is an extremely lethal and the strongest stand for tactical assassination. From a physical point of view, it is able to deliver fast and powerful punches and able to repel most of the opponent's attacks. However, its strength remains inferior to Crazy Diamond as the different Killer Queen vs Crazy Diamond fights have shown us.

But what makes Killer Queen absolutely terrifying is the inherent capacity for destruction and extermination of its bombs. Killer Queen does not kill, it disintegrates, leaving no trace of its passage and allowing Kira Yoshikage to continue his actions without being spotted.

His bombs can very easily erase any individual from the planet and disintegrate him in a few seconds like a simple sheet of paper being burned.

Sheer Heart Attack

sheer heart attack jojo

Like you must know it already, Sheer Heart Attack has the ability to automatically target the most powerful opponent on the field and do damage over a long range.

But, what's more impressive about Sheer Heart Attack is its extreme resistance to physical attacks, even Star Platinum is not capable of destroying it.

Furthermore, as Sheer Heart Attack is used by Kira with his left hand, it makes him able to use other kinds of primary bombs, giving him the possibility to combine them at the same time.

Bites the Dust

bites the dust jojo

Finally, Bites the Dust allows Kira to remain completely incognito. Indeed, this particularity of Killer Queen makes it possible to implant a copy of Killer Queen inside any host.

Thus, when Kira's identity tends to be revealed, Bites the Dust activates and annihilates its victim without leaving a trace by going back in time 1 hour before the explosion. Not to mention that this ability is completely autonomous, so Kira is not even aware when it activates, which again protects him from being discovered.

However, as mentioned above, Killer Queen has many weaknesses. To detonate a bomb, Killer Queen must mimic the detonation of a bomb with his hand. (Yes, that's a weakness)

Physically, it is not the most resistant stand, It does not have absolute temporal abilities like other stands and Bites the Dust remains a very situational ability because it must be disabled if Kira wants to defend himself directly against an assault as it protects its host of being harmed.

Last but not least, if Killer Queen's bombs end up in an environment without oxygen, they can no longer explode, making the use of his stand mostly useless.

It is therefore for these reasons that we place Killer Queen in 10th position in our ranking.

9. Cream Stand - Vanilla Ice

cream jojo stand

Cream is the powerful Stand of Vanilla Ice featured mostly in Stardust Crusaders. Its powerful ability to create a portal to a void-like dimension
from which he is the only one able to come back alive makes it absolutely terrifying.

Vanilla Ice is able to break into Cream, making it virtually untouchable to most of its opponents. Without forgetting that Cream's speed of execution is largely in line with its power, capable of surprising Polnareff and Silver Chariot who, we remind you, have a speed equivalent to the speed of light.

Moreover, Cream also has the ability to become intangible and undetectable to the point that even Iggy is not able to spot him despite his powerful sense of smell.

With this ability and combined with the physical attributes of Vanilla Ice, Cream's attacks are almost always lethal and surprise the majority of his opponents, making this stand practically insurmountable. 

insurmountable ? Yes, but only to a certain extend. The big weakness of Cream is that it is almost completely blind in his most powerful form, forcing Vanilla Ice to often get out in the open to see how the fight is progressing, providing a window of opportunity for his opponent to counter-attack. This is the main reason why we can't consider Cream as the Strongest Stand in JoJo.

vanilla ice death


8. Heavy Weather Stand - Weather Report 

weather report stand

Let's be honest from the beginning, this stand is an insanely Bizarre Adventure itself ! Weather Report is the stand of the prisoner Domenico Bucci featured in Part 6. Stone Ocean that can control the weather, but it does it to a ridiculous extent.

This stand can uses atmospheric layers to deflect attacks, can destroy the o-zone layer single handedly, drown people with the water he creates, modulate concentration of the different gazes in the atmosphere and even make it rain poison dart frogs...

heavy weather vs star platinum

For the last feat we don't really know how he does it. Either he uses wind to pull the frogs from Central America, to Florida (and the speed and control to do that is ridiculous, because how do you just selectively choose what animals you want to bring), or Weather Report can make it rain whatever he wants. In both cases, those are ridiculously strong.

Heavy Weather

heavy weather stand

Although it is not 1st in this ranking, Heavy Weather is definitely one of the strongest stand in term of capacity of using its environment to disadvantage his opponent. For example, he has the ability to control the sunlight refraction and create rainbows that provokes hallucinations and illusions in their victims, making them behave like snails.

This implies that each opponent caught in one of the illusions will thus be greatly incapacitated in his actions, making him practically incapable of fighting. Without forgetting that the only way not to be affected by Heavy Weather's hallucinations is to be blind.

In addition, Heavy Weather becomes virtually self-contained at some point, making it very difficult for most individuals to counter him.


7. C-Moon Stand - Enrico Pucci

c-moon stand


C-Moon is an intermediate evolution of the stand of Enrico Pucci in Stone Ocean. It is considered as being the fusion of Whitesnake and Green Baby.

Possessing the ability to alternate space, time and the laws of physics, C-Moon has very vague characteristics as you may know. On the other hand, what we do know is that it has a range of 30km and that its destructive power is almost absolute.

Indeed, C-Moon is able to manipulate the gravitational forces to make Enrico Pucci the center of gravity within a radius of 3 km. Moreover, Pucci is unaffected by the actions of his stand, so he can very easily modulate gravity and overthrow his opponents without any consequences for him. That is why he can consider it as one of the strongest stand in JoJo.

c moon jojo

If we specify that his destructive force is absolute, it is because each blow he delivers to his opponent will be fatal to him because he will completely turn his target gravitationally from the inside out, completely distorting the internal organs and various limbs.

One of the few people who can cope with C-Moon is Jolyne Kujo, but only because of the intrinsic nature of her stand. In the fight C-Moon vs Jolyne, Jolyne managed to survive an attack of C-Moon by meshing affected areas of her body into a Möbius strip. But she remains an exceptional case.

c moon vs jolyne


6. Star Platinum the World Stand - Jōtarō Kūjō

star platinum the world stand

If you are here, it is because you already know this stand very well, no need to go too much further.

Star Platinum the World is the ultimate evolution of Jotaro Kujo's stand in Diamond is Unbreakable. Star Platinum the World is one of the most physically powerful stands of all the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series, if not the strongest stand in terms of pure power.

Capable of carrying extremely heavy loads, inflicting enormous physical damage on its victims with insane macroscopic precision, reputed to have an attack speed above the speed of light, extreme endurance, ultra powerful breath and even Star Finger which he used to slice part of Dark Blue Moon's head off, killing Tennille.

jotaro star platinum the world

Ex aequo with The World, DIO's all-powerful stand, their super-human physical abilities and their ability to use Time Stop to stop the time gives them a very high place in our ranking without any doubt. However, there are still more powerful abilities left.


5. King Crimson Stand - Diavolo

king crimson stand

Calm down Jōtarō's fans, drop down your weapons and let us explain.

As you know, King Crimson is the famous stand of Diavolo featured in Vento Aureo that has always been the subject of lots of debates and is known to have an absolutely colossal physical power close to that of Star Platinum.

No need for a barrage of punches, a single blow is enough for him to destroy most of his opponents. That's how, without any real difficulty, King Crimson easily decimated the majority of the Gucci Gang not counting that he also killed Polnareff and Risotto Nero.

king crimson jojo

With his exceptional speed, King Crimson is also able to erase the time up to 10 seconds when his ability is activated. And yes, this is a capability that requires activation, not an automatic ability. This means that Diavolo and his stand must have sufficient reaction time to activate it against an opponent, which tells us that they are as fast as Silver Chariot, which can attack at the speed of light.

The big debate of who is the strongest stand between King Crimson and Star Platinum comes from who is able to activate its ability before the other. Nobody knows if Diavolo is capable of moving during a Time Stop, so it is impossible to be sure.

However, King Crimson has another great ability. Thanks to Epitaph, he is able to see into and "forecast" the future, which allows Diavolo to predict any near attack incoming.

king crimson epitaph

Thus, thanks to his Precognition abilities, King Crimson is able to know when Time Stop will be used and then activate Time Erasure before his opponent does it. Once this is done, a single blow will be enough to destroy his opponent, may it be Jōtarō or DIO.

Thus, if King Crimson activates his ability first, he wins. If The World or Star Platinum the World activates their Time Stop first, there is a good chance they win. In summary, in a head-to-head fight, whoever draws first will win, it's that simple.

Here is a very interesting video of Meti『Not The Bad Guy』who explains who would win in a fight King Crimson vs Star Platinum.

On our side, we're giving Diavolo the advantage in this ranking because of Epitaph's ability to see into the future.

4. D4C Love Train Stand - Funny Valentine

d4c stand

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (abbreviated D4C) is the incredible stand of Funny Valentine featured in Steel Ball Run. Its ability to manipulate dimensional forces makes it virtually invincible because the stand can be transmitted to any Funny Valentine in a parallel dimension. In the same way, the memory of the Funny Valentine that transmits the stand will be preserved into the new one, keeping the same goal, to find the body of Jesus.

Funny Valentine has the ability to fetch its equivalents from other dimensions and bring them back to its original dimension. Thus, he can potentially create an army composed of an infinite number of Valentines in order to storm his opponents.

However, D4C has an even more lethal capability. If he succeeds in bringing back two similarly close entities, they will merge and annihilate each other because they cannot coexist in the same dimension. This rule obviously does not affect Funny Valentine.

dirty deeds done dirt cheap jojo

In itself, the stand remains extremely physically powerful, able to cut off limbs in a single blow, pierce bodies and its speed rivals that of Diego Brandon and his stand, Scary Monsters.

At the beginning, D4C possesses already extreme power, but this is nothing compared to when it merges with the Saint's Corpse. When he merges with the body of Jesus Christ, he becomes divine and gets his ultimate form, Love Train.

D4C Love Train

love train stand


D4C Love Train allows Funny Valentine to be literally and figuratively invincible. Under the concept of Misfortune Redirection, every negative effect brought against him will be randomly redirected into the world and indiscriminately hit someone else.

Valentine and his stand thus become absolutely protected within a pocket dimension (featured as a wall of light that follows him) and becomes an embodiment of perfection, the Holy One on Earth and thus becomes untouchable. Moreover, every attack by D4C Love train will be 100% lethal for the victim, no matter what kind of blow he suffers.

love train jojo

However, one of the weakness of Love Train is that in order to hit his opponents, he must come out of this wall of light originating from Lucy's body. So he becomes vulnerable when it gets out of it and thus can't be considered the strongest stand in JoJo because of that big disadvantage in close combat.

Although D4C has no dimensional manipulation abilities, it remains invincible as long as it is protected by the wall of light of the Saint's Corpse, and even a stand that can stop or erase time won't manage to scratch it.

3. Tusk ACT 4 Stand - Johnny Joestar

tusk act 4 stand

Tusk ACT 4 is the final evolution of the Tusk Stand and the symbolic embodiment of the psychological development of its owner, Johnny Joestar. Johnny is the main protagonist of JoJo Part 7 Steel Ball Run and his TUSK ACT 4 illustrates the end of the Seventh JoJo's initiatory journey.

Tusk ACT 4 is defined as the sense of sacrifice as Johnny develops it following the teachings of his late companion Gyro Zeppeli who taught him the 5 primordial lessons that will help him in his journey in the transcontinental race that is the Steel Ball Run.

Johnny manages to master the Infinite Rotation (Infinite Spin) after assimilating Gyro's fifth lesson and applies it in a desperate act thanks to his horse's body and the spinning force of Golden Rectangle. He obtains from then a powers that exceeds the laws of physics and time.

Infinite Rotation (Infinite Spin)

jojo tusk act 4

Infinite Rotation allows Johnny to break through the protective barrier of D4C Love Train and overcome his invincibility. Infinite Spin is a force acting on gravitational laws and thanks to the exponential power produced by the Golden Spin, it can create an infinite amount of energy to make him become the absolute offensive Stand.

Thus, a simple contact with his fists allows him to apply the effects of Infinite Rotation to his target up to his cells and the atoms that compose them, creating irreversible damage to his opponent that go beyond time and dimensions.

Thanks to this new ability, even a Funny Valentine who can flee to another dimension will not be able to escape from the absolute offensive power induced by the Infinite Spin.

In addition, Tusk ACT 4 possesses prodigious physical strength to the point that a simple barrage of blows will be enough to beat Valentine and D4C Love Train.

jjba tusk act 4

For example, it literally annihilated a group of groupies around DIO, as a simple contact with the Infinite Spin is enough to bury any resistance. This Stand can also easily breach solid surfaces and therefore reshape the environment as it pleases, giving Johnny near-absolute mobility.

Although Tusk ACT 4 is a close-range stand, it has the ability to pull with his fingernails and toenails at a significant distance, giving Tusk ACT 4 very good long-range abilities while keeping its close-range supremacy..

steel ball run tusk act 4

Finally, Tusk ACT 4 can move even when time is stopped, so it can very easily get rid of the impact of the Time Stop of Jōtarō and DIO without any issue and kill them.

The only big disadvantage of Tusk ACT 4 is the complexity of its activation process. Indeed, to activate it, Johnny has to be on his horse and perfectly concentrated, which is not always possible. However, once he reaches this stage, almost nothing can stop him because only an equivalent force in the opposite direction of Infinite Rotation can cancel its attacks, making him one of the strongest stand who deserves his third place in this ranking.

Therefore, we can conclude that Tusk ACT 4 is a monster of strength and although it has a problematic situational activation, it remains one of the best and most powerful stand of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

2. Made in Heaven Stand - Enrico Pucci

made in heaven stand

Second in our list, Made in Heaven (nicknamed MIH), the stand of Father Pucci featured in Stone Ocean. Made in Heaven Stand is known as the final metamorphosis in a chain following Whitesnake and C-Moon with abilities for temporal acceleration and modulation of absolute temporal and gravitational forces.

Made in Heaven is able to accelerate all temporal processes such as material deterioration, making Pucci virtually divine. Not only is Pucci able to bring the universe to its expiration point, he also can re-form another one and thus create a new alternative reality where other people would know their destiny.

made in heaven jojo

It is also a stand that has a speed that surpasses all existing physical designs and just Its speed alone already makes it absolutely invincible, potentially surpassing Tusk ACT 4.

Indeed, we all agree that if Tusk ACT 4 uses the Infinite Rotation on Made in Heaven, MIH loses without hesitation. Already because the damage of the Infinite Spin is infinite, but also because its stand could work against it by accelerating the degeneration of its cells.

However, to do so, Tusk ACT 4 would have to be able to touch Made in Heaven, which is not an easy thing to do. For this reason, we give MIH the advantage in this ranking and consider it a strongest stand than Tusk ACT4. If it doesn't let itself be surprised, we are convinced that his speed will allow him to dodge any possible fatal blow.


1. Gold Experience Requiem Stand - Giorno Giovanna

stand gold experience requiem

Gold Experience Requiem is the ultimate form of Gold Experience, the stand of Giorno Giovanna featured in JoJo Part 5 Vento Aureo.

The abilities of Gold Experience Requiem (abridged GER) are omnipotent and absolute, with a "Return to Zero" power that can cancel any action taken by its opponents, like King Crimson.

Diavolo who, proud to possess a power capable of subjecting fate to his every desire, finally finds himself facing a stand capable of canceling all his actions and thus defeating him. Without forgetting that GER power is not only a form of absolute defense, but is also automatic, as it activates even if Giorno is not aware of it, which makes him ruthless and merciless, like a divine punishment.

ger jojo

In the fight Giorno vs. Diavolo, Diavolo found himself trapped in an infinite death loop where he will never really die, reliving the situation over and over again and continuously experiencing death for eternity. 

GER also possesses incredible physical strength and divine power giving Giorno the ability to levitate. His Punch Dam destroyed King Crimson completely without difficulty and he is able to throw debris with such power and speed that it pierced Diavolo's hand and destroys an adjacent building without any particular effort.

jojo gold experience requiem

In a possible confrontation with other powerful stands of our ranking, GER could, thanks to its "Return to Zero" power, prevent the development process of Made in Heaven and even prevent Funny Valentine from exploiting the Saint's Corps as he's able to cancel any action taken against him.

Gold Experience Requiem is like an allegory of Saint's Power capable of defying and vanquish all the stands with his all mighty powers. And even if he isn't the Strongest Stand in JoJo in terms of pure strength, it is definitely the most balanced one, making him able to defeat any other stand user.


Most Powerful Stand in JoJo

most powerful stand jojo

Of course, no surprise, you all knew who was going to be at the top of the ranking, don't you ?! Gold Experience Requiem is the strongest Stand in JoJo ! His all-mighty power puts him in a completely different league and surpasses most of the other characters stands.

Although the beginning of the ranking is debatable, we remain convinced that GER is the the most powerful stand and the best choice if you need a ally by your side !

Making a ranking is never an easy thing to do. But we have tried to remain as impartial as possible in order to establish a logical and plausible ranking to answer honestly to the question of who would be the JoJo most powerful stand.

But if you're not convinced by our article, you definitely need to check the channel of Kaleb I.A. who made an amazing video where he gives us his point of view  of who is the JoJo strongest stand according to him !

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