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In the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, we follow the adventure of a family of main characters that we call "JoJo" because these two syllables appear in their name. And today, we're going to reveal you a Top 8 of the best Joestar ranked by their popularity in 2020.

We just remind that this article contains spoilers, so if you have not yet watched or read the entire JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, you may be spoiled about the various upcoming events.

Are you ready? Starting from number 8, the best JoJo in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is…

8. Jolyne Kûjô (Jolyne Cujoh)

Jolyne Kujo

First one in our top, Jolyne Kûjô. Jolyne is the sixth JoJo and the first and only female descendant of the Joeystar Family. She appears for the first time in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part. 6 Stone Ocean released in 2000-2003 in Japan.

Daughter of Jotaro Kujo, she is incarcerated for a crime actually committed by her boyfriend. It is not a secret for any fan that Jolyne never loved Jotaro and hates her father who has never been there for her. However, it is thanks to him that she will get her Stand, Stone Free allowing her to transform her body into strings and thus survive in the prison of Green Dolphin Street.

7. Johnny Joestar

Johnny Joestar

Johnny Joestar is the seventh JoJo and appears for the first time in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part. 7 Steel Ball Run released from 2004 to 2011 in Japan.

Johnny second protagonist of JoJo part. 7, along with Jayro Zeppeli. Very popular among the fans who consider him as one of the best Joestar, Johnny is born with huge talent for horse racing and is recognized as prodigy in his domain until he had an accident that left him paraplegic when he was 17 years old.

He then will participate in the Steel Ball Run where he will face Pork Pie Hat Boy, a terrorist, and learn to master his Tusk Stand, a powerful stand that allows him to shoot his enemies with his nails.


6. Jôsuke Higashikata (Part. 8)

josuke part 8


Jôsuke Higashikata is the eighth JoJo and appears for the first time in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part. 8 JoJolion released from 2011 in Japan and still running at the moment.

Jôsuke is a young man with amnesia found naked, unconscious, with four testicles and wearing a sailor's hat near the "Wall eyes" by Yasuho Hirose. He will later discover that he is actually Josefumi Kujo, a direct descendant of the Joestar family and a very close friend of the Kira Family with whose help he will set out to recover his memory.

Finally welcomed by the Higashikata Family, Josuke will understand during JoJo's season 8 that he is the key to a riddle concerning a strange illness affecting the Higashikata and the strange ability of the "Wall Eyes".

As mentioned before, as a descendant of the Joestar family, Josuke has his own stand, his Soft & Wet Stand, which allows him to remove any element from any object with the help of bubbles: water, sound, smell, and more.


5. Jôsuke Higashikata (Part. 4)

Josuke Higashikata


Not to be confused with the Jôsuke of part. 8, Jôsuke Higashikata is the fourth JoJo and appears for the first time in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part. 4 Diamond is Unbreakable released from 1992 to 1995 in Japan and still running at the moment in the USA.

Josuke is a simple 16-year-old high school student who can't stand criticism about his haircut. He lives in Morio with his mother Tomoko and his grandfather Ryohei who is a police officer. We later discover that he is in fact the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar.

When Ryohei got killed by the psychopath Angelo, Josuke makes a duty to protect the town of Morio. This resolution has pleased so much the fans that a large part of them consider him as best Jojo in the whole lineage. Being a descendant of the Joestar family, Josuke is a stand user and masters Crazy Diamond, a stand similar to Star Platinum in terms of martial skills. However, there is a noticeable difference between these two stands, the Crazy Diamond's scream is "DORARARA" while the Platinum Star's scream is "ORA ORA".

Crazy Diamond also possesses a unique ability to reshape any object Josuke strikes to his liking. As a result, he can restore objects to their original states, or modify it to give it the shape he wants. However, he cannot use this ability on himself, nor can he resurrect the dead.

4. Jonathan Joestar

jonathan joestar

Jonathan Joestar is the first JoJo and appears for the first time in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part. 1 Phantom Blood and Part. 2 Stardust Crusaders released for the first time in Japan in 1987.

Jonathan is the main hero of this JoJo Part. 1 and is considered by the fans like one of the best JoJo. Nicknamed "JoJo" by those close to him because of the first two syllables of his name and surname, a logic that will be perpetuated throughout the work of Hirohiko Araki.

Jonathan Joestar is the son of a rich English lord named George Joestar and a mother who died in a car accident that George survived with the help of a thief named Dario Brando. After Dario's death, George decides to adopt his son, Dio Brando, and raise him in his own home.

Unfortunately for him, Dio has inherited a narcissistic personality disorder and wants only one thing, to become the sole heir to the Joestar fortune. Although JoJo seeks to be friends with him, Dio only does him harm by stealing all his friends for example or by throwing his faithful dog, Danny, into an incinerator. (Not cool Dio...).

In this complicated situation, Jonathan finally finds comfort with a young girl named Erina Pendleton, that he falls in love with. However, Dio, who is obsessed with JoJo's unhappiness, decides to ruin his happiness once again by stealing Erina's first kiss. After that, feeling ashamed, Erina becomes unable to look JoJo in the eyes, driving him crazy with grief.

Later, Dio discovers a mysterious Aztec stone mask that reacts automatically as soon as blood is spilled on it and George Joestar falls seriously ill. Following this tragedy, JoJo discovers in a letter that Dario had died of the same illness, and infers that Dio used poison on George to try to kill him and recover their fortune.

The rest of the season will make us discover that the mask found by Dio is in fact an ancient relic capable of transforming his owner in Vampire which will lead to the famous fight JoJo vs Dio in episode 8 of Phantom Blood and to Dio's "death".


3. Giorno Giovanna 

giorno giovanna

Giorno Giovanna is the fifth JoJo and appears for the first time in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part. 5 Golden Wind released for the first time in Japan in 1995.

Giorno is the son of Dio Brando conceived with the body of Jonathan Joestar. His goal is to join the Passione gang in order to climb its hiercharchy and take control of it to put an end to drug trafficking.

Having been created with the body of a descendant of the Joestar family, Giorno is a stand user and masters Gold Experience, a powerful stand that allows him to create life from inanimate objects and turn an attack against his assailant when he attacks them.

Moreover, when in contact with a person, Gold Experience can disrupt the reflexes of his enemies to take advantage of them, heal individuals and also detect the vital signs of a living being.

His stand will evolve later in the series into "Gold Experience Requiem" which will allow him to be able to cancel any action of an individual, such as his attacks or his Stands. Finally, when someone is hit by GER, he falls into a death loop that is impossible to get out of.


2. Joseph Joestar

joseph joestar


Joseph Joestar is the second JoJo and appears for the first time in the second story arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency released for the first time in Japan in 1997.

Joseph Joestar is the grandson of Jonathan Joestar and the son of George Joestar II, an aviator in the English army assassinated by one of his superiors on behalf of Dio Brando. He is raised by his grandmother, Erina Joestar and Speedwagon.

Since his childhood, Joseph has developed a rude and rebellious attitude towards his very gentlemanly English grandfather. Dispute this line of character, he has a noble heart and proves it when he claims to have given his wallet to Smokey Brown, a young thief, to save him from being beaten by police officers in New York (just as his great-grandfather, Lord Joestar, did in favor of Dario Brando).

Like his grandfather, he is also a stand user and masters the Hermit Purple stand which, although very weak physically, allows him to possess powerful divination abilities, allowing him to divine future events and materialize any type of information, such as images, locations or even thoughts.

Although he is the protagonist of his own arc, Joseph's popularity allowed him to be considered as the best Joestar for a long time and to reappear in Stardust Crusaders and Diamond Is Unbreakable alongside Jôtarô Kûjô and Jôsuke Higashikata.


1. Jôtarô Kûjô

jotaro kujo


Jôtarô Kûjô is the third JoJo and appears for the first time as the main character of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part. 3 Stardust Crusaders released for the first time in Japan in 1989.

Jotaro is a 17-year-old high school student who lives with his mother, Holy Joestar, and Joseph Joestar, his grandfather. Despite the fact that he is a taciturn and rebellious boy, Jotaro shows a big heart and an unfailing sense of justice. However, his various acts of rebellion will often lead him to prison.

While locked in a cell, his grandfather finds Jotaro in a state of trance as if he were possessed by a spirit. It is then that Jotaro learns that he possesses a Stand, a psychic double represented in the form of an astral body that all the descendants of the Joestar lineage possess.

However, the new appearance of his Stand also means bad news. Dio Brando, the hereditary enemy of the Joestar family, has awakened from the dead and is the reason for the awakening of all the stands of the Joestar family.

Jotaro therefore has a stand, Star Platinum, a humanoid with a violent personality, but with very powerful hand-to-hand combat capabilities. He will later master the ability to stop time, the famous Time Stop, which will allow him to become even more fearsome in combat.

Unfortunately for her, Holy has a soul far too kind to support her stand and falls seriously ill. So Jotaro has no choice but to go to Egypt to kill DIO and annihilate the vampire army for good who have the order to slaughter the last survivors of the Joestar lineage. He will be helped in his quest by other secondary characters such as Polnareff, Iggy or Mohammed Avdol, a fortune teller from Cairo.

All this will lead him to confront several enemies, until the final boss, Dio Brando, calling himself DIO at the moment. The fight Jotaro vs Dio in episode 46 of Stardust Crusaders is one of the most popular episodes of the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and remains a reference in terms of achievement and perfectionism.


Who is the best JoJo ?

who is the best jojo

And yes, no doubt that you already knew the result of this ranking, Jôtarô Kûjô is the best JoJo and the most popular Jojo character from the Joestar family !

His attitude, his various epic scenes in the anime make him the most popular and most appreciated character of the whole Joestar lineage. No doubts because his numerous epic fights against DIO and his punchlines made him very popular among the fans of the Series, he definitely deserves this podium !

Do you agree with our top ? Tells us more what about who should be considered the best JoJo in the comments below and don't forget to check out the channel of A Scrub For Hire who also made a very complete ranking to determine who is the best Jojo according to him ! 

And if you did enjoy this little TOP, we advise you check our new article to discover this time who is the strongest JoJo in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series ! 

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